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November 2017 

Faxing: Is it still relevant in today's modern healthcare IT picture?

by Chris Lanaman

In today’s need for fast data transfers through the Internet, Wi-Fi or 4G methods, many people feel that faxing is “so old school.” I don’t even think today’s eighth-graders can tell you what a fax is. Throughout the medical community, however, faxing is still an instrumental form of passing patient information. I also believe that healthcare organizations value faxing for its strategic importance in driving business to their facilities over their competitors. Over the next three blogs, I will explain why doctors’ offices consider faxes their lifeline to business, how faxes help healthcare providers maintain their relationships with doctors and how to ensure your information gets where it needs to go when it needs to get there.

Let me set the proper context. Cerner calls its module for faxing Remote Report Distribution or RRD. It is one of the members of the system group called Clinical Reporting. I contend that management should require at least one full-time employee (analyst) to support faxing. Even if the faxing system is configured exactly as designed, RRD faxing can still create large problems for healthcare organizations

Many doctors’ offices do not have the equipment needed to perform complex clinical tests, so patients are referred to places that have the equipment, which is often the nearby hospital. Both doctors and patients want to get the results as quickly as possible, and hospitals look to their EMR system to be able to provide the timely results through faxes. In addition to faxing radiology findings and lab results, hospitals also use faxing to report on consults, send patient summaries of hospital visits, distribute notification letters to doctors and even send patient appointment reminders. Doctors’ offices rely on these faxes on a daily basis.



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  • Provided 20 hours of Healthcare IT education to over 1,800 individuals
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First Fundraising Event:

The May 25th event, Telemedicine and Precision Medicine: From Rhetoric to Results, was a huge success! Many thanks to all the attendees and sponsors who participated and attended our event at Boulevard Brewery.  We had over 100 attendees and raised $3,500.00 for Noah's Bandage Project.  Many thanks to the GKC Board and Committee Members and Jake Jacobson!


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